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faces of the future

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Csodalámpa Alapítvány (Magic Lamp Foundation) fulfills wishes of children between 3-18 years of age since 2003. The first photo mosaic was made in the beginning of 2013 for the foundation's 10 year anniversary, which you see above. We received thousands of photographs of your children as a result, which were made into the Faces of the Future mosaic by photographer Tamás Dezső.

4-year-old Vince smiles at us on the photo while driving a real riverboat, whose which was fulfilled thanks to MAHART Passnave in 2005. We gifted this picture to the American International School of Budapest on May 7th, 2013 for their continuous support to Csodalámpa over the years.

We would like to make the Faces of the Future mosaic an annual tradition! The final print would be donated to one of the schools in Hungary whose teachers and students supported our mission as a token of gratitude. If you believe in helping ill children find cure and support our cause, send photographs of your children to contribute to 2014's Faces of the Future! Upload as many photos as you'd like below until January 31, 2014.

The final picture will be exhibited and shared online. Invite your family and friends to join the effort!

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The safety of children is of utmost importance to us, so we're doing everything in our power to make sure the photos are kept safe and used only for the purpose of the mosaic. By pressing the "Go!" button, you agree to our Terms & Conditions of Usage, which guarantees this.


The following terms and conditions of usage relate to the photograph upload system (‘the System’) of the Csodalampa Wish Fulfilling Foundation (‘the Foundation,’ address: 1052 Budapest, Vaci u. 16, FONTANA Shopping Centre, building C, tax registration number: 18248670-1-4-43, registered in the Court of Budapest under charity number 8.929.

The System may only be used if all the following terms and conditions are accepted. Using the system implies that the user has read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions.

The aim of the system is to facilitate the collation of as many photographs of children as possible to be used in a mosaic. The mosaic will be auctioned and the proceeds thereof used to further the aims of the Foundation, namely the granting of wishes of ill children. The completed mosaic, and any copies of the mosaic, may be disseminated in any form including via electronic medium, such as but not limited to the Foundation webpage and the Foundation’s Facebook page, for the purpose of furthering the aims of the Foundation and to publicise the Foundation. The Foundation will be the sole owner of the mosaic and maintains all legal rights related to the mosaic.

The system is to be used exclusively by adults (those who have reached at least 18 years of age). Only photographs of children (those under 18 years of age) may be submitted and only those who are legal representatives of the child(ren) appearing in the photographs may upload their image(s). Should a photograph of a child aged 14 or above be submitted, it is mandatory to obtain the consent of the child prior to uploading the photograph.

By using the system you acknowledge that any photographs uploaded were taken by yourself and that you accept that you are solely responsible for the contents of the image. The system may be used only in conformity with the conditions and terms outlined here.

It is forbidden to use the system to upload photographs:

  • which in any way breach the law, in particular violate personal or business privacy, personal rights, reputation or image of any person or persons or recognized body or organization or are in any way threatening or obscene or promote hatred or hostility
  • which in any breach intellectual property rights (including copyright and trademark)
  • which are pornographic or immoral
  • in which children appear naked
  • which in any way reveal the name of the child(ren) (excluding the child’s first name)
  • which in any way could be construed as an advert or regarded as material that is promotional in nature

The Foundation reserves the right to examine any uploaded photograph(s) and to determine its suitability and to delete any photograph from the system it deems as unsuitable in any way

The Foundation is not obliged to use any submitted photograph and the Foundation reserves the right to determine which photographs are to be used in the mosaic

By uploading the photograph, you permanently waive all rights to the photograph. The photograph may be disseminated in any form, and reproduced or edited at the discretion of the Foundation in connection with the Faces of the Future project.

In view of the Foundation’s charitable purpose, you expressly waive all rights to any fees or compensation in any form received or pledged to the Foundation in respect of the uploaded photograph which may be used without it being attributed to its author.

Use of the System is voluntary. By uploading a photograph, your personal details (including name and e-mail address) will be retained to maintain contact for the realization of the Foundation’s above-mentioned purpose. After five years, the Foundation will delete all such personal details. You may at any time request for information relating to your personal details and may request that any such data be corrected, deleted or made inaccessible. In the event that you request your personal details to be deleted after uploading the photograph, this will not impact in any way on your waiver of all rights to the photograph which may still be used in the mosaic. In the event of violation of your rights, you may refer the matter to the appropriate law court. The Foundation’s retention and use of personal data complies with Article CXII of 2011.

The above is a translation of the original terms and conditions in Hungarian. While all care has been taken to ensure this is an accurate translation of the Hungarian original, should there be any discrepancy, including omission, in meaning between the Hungarian and English version, the Hungarian version is to prevail.